Stilbaai Yacht Club


STILBAAI YACHT CLUB                                                    

Stilbaai Yacht Club was founded in 1981 by a group of high spirited and determined catamaran sailors who were looking for an ideal location along the Vaal Dam to share their passion of sailng. Over the past 40-years, SYC has continued to grow into a Yacht Club that supports all classes of sailing - in a sport that can be both competitve and recreational for both young and old.                                                                                       

Our Vision:                                                      

Stilbaai Yacht Club strives to be the most inviting yacht club along the Vaal Dam, for members who share a passion for sailing, community, camradarie and an appreciation of our beautiful surroundings and environment.                                                                                                                                         

Our Mission:                                                   

"Cultivate a diverse membership with shared interests and passionately promote and uphold our reputation as a club dedicated to providing an outstanding sailing, recreational and social experience for both members and guests.

Provide an inviting environment that embraces our spirit by encouraging and offering opportunities for learning, instilling the value of safety and sportsmanship, and fostering success in yachting, sailing, cruising and other water-based activities, thereby enabling our members to reach their highest potential and maximize their enjoyment.

Advocate, support and develop Youth Sailing across all classes.  Attract and conduct outstanding regattas, programs and events.

Encourage, facilitate and promote volunteerism for club committees, events and activities.

Continue to enhance our prominence as a unique yacht club, and to be the “Jewel of the Vaal” – by appropriately maintaining, enhancing and maximizing the use of our beautiful foreshore and facilities."